Enhancements to the Integrative Lyme & Cancer Programs

Innovation, Always: Exciting Enhancements to Lyme & Cancer Programs at Infusio


The need for natural and non-toxic therapies has never been greater. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Infusio Doctors and Science Team have further augmented the Lyme and Cancer Programs based on their latest research and development.

The Infusio Lyme Program is one of the most comprehensive programs available for patients suffering from tick-borne disease. We are proud to say that this program has changed many lives to the better and given hope to patients that were left as incurable. Over the last two years, our patients reported increasing improvements of their symptoms and have shared with us their positive stories, experiences and outcomes. While the positive outcomes outnumber the patients that have a prolonged recovery time or seemingly unsuccessful therapy we are committed to continue working with these patients to support them individually in their healing journeys. To say it blunt: We do not have the magic bullet to cure Lyme disease but we know we are on the right track to provide an approach that makes sense, does no harm and lays a foundation for healing. For this reason, we keep innovating to help our patients with an ever-evolving epidemic.

The same is true with the integrative cancer program, which is spear-headed by our medical team in Germany. The cure for cancer has not been found yet but we understand the mechanisms of cancer better every day and have ways of treating it with a non-toxic and minimal-invasive fashion. Our Germany team celebrates every victory with our patients that report that their cancer has become dormant or disappeared and at the same time mourns with every family that has lost a loved one to this disease. To celebrate more victories we need to continue innovating and widen the spectrum of treatments available.

Now, on to the exciting stuff!  Here are the new and innovative changes we would like to share with you:


Lyme & Tick Borne Disease Program

To begin, the Lyme Program is now more accurately called the Lyme & Tick Borne Disease Program. We are proud to announce the following changes to our program.


Lower Cost – More Value

It is Infusio’s vision to give as many patients as possible access to our treatments. Starting with Lyme Awareness Month in May Infusio has donated over $300,000 towards Lyme treatment programs these last 4 months. This generous contribution has allowed more patients to afford a treatment that has been out of reach before. Philip Battiade, Founder of the Infusio Concept says: “I understand the financial limitations when it comes to paying for medical expenses out of pocket. I am also aware that the clinics run as for-profit businesses. But there are ways of making a profit with a clinic in Beverly Hills by not putting the financial burden on sick patients that often have spent their vast majority of money on their treatments.”

To carry out that vision, Infusio is happy to announce that we have permanently lowered the Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Program cost to $20,000. How is that possible you may ask? The simple reason is that not everybody needs everything. A patient’s extend of their sickness and symptoms depends largely on their individual body’s resilience and the time they have been exposed to a certain pathogen. This results in not every patient needing the same amount of diagnostics and treatments.

In addition, our science team recognizes the immediate need to further reduce inflammatory processes in order to promote the healing process and reach homeostasis faster. With this knowledge in mind and while keeping the foundational core therapy regiment intact, we have reduced certain IV therapies and in turn added an additional ACT treatment in the first two weeks of therapy. This customized immune treatment will increase the macrophage cells and stem cells in the body to reduce and counteract inflammatory processes right from the start.

Also, the specialty consults for hormonal balance and genetic assessments are now available as a selective add-on. We are convinced that these enhancements will not only provide a more effective treatment but also a price point that is affordable for many more patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases like Tick-borne Disease.

To provide even more financial support we have partnered with additional third party financing and insurance billing services U.S. patients can benefit from.

What other enhancements have been added to the Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Program?


More Focus on Stress Management and Conscious Relaxation

Breathe In: Losing your health is a traumatic experience and has a severe impact on your life as well as the loved ones around you. Patients suffering from chronic degenerative disease are often in a so called “fight or flight” mode which is detrimental to healing. To help patients lower their adrenaline levels and increase their oxytocin levels there will be a stronger focus on conscious relaxation and lifestyle coaching. During the 2 week supportive therapies, patients will be given the tools and resources to consciously bring their bodies to a state in which healing can occur. As of September 1st we have introduced weekly group sessions providing our patients with breathing and coaching exercises. These tools empower you to take your health and healing into your own hands and allow you to make a conscious effort to lower stress.A stress-free mind and body can improve and speed up the healing process and therefore make our therapies even more effective.



Supplement Supply: Since the introduction of the supplement regiment as part of your home care program we have seen that patients are able to cope much better with symptoms that commonly occur in the recovery phase after cell therapy. We are happy to announce that an initial 3-month supplement regiment will be included in the treatment cost. We sincerely hope this will help more patients be able to control the common symptoms that may appear in the recovery phase.

Cancer Program

Infusio’s cancer program has given hundreds of patients a new chance at life, sometimes simply a better quality of life and most of all a non-toxic and minimally invasive treatment option. The research and development of new cancer therapies, especially in the area of individualized therapies, and treatments that focus on the regulation of the immune system has given many patients new hope.

Take a look at the exciting developments to the Infusio Cancer Program from our team located in Frankfurt, Germany:


Additional Two-Week Program

Options that Accommodate: Infusio’s cancer program is a 4-week program which focuses on a non-toxic and minimally invasive approach to fight cancer, strengthen the body’s resilience and regulate the immune response. Besides IV therapies that are targeted to directly destroy the cancer cells and interfere with the cancer metabolism we use regional hyperthermia and dendritic cell therapy as our core treatment.

We know that many cancer patients opt for chemotherapy and radiation as the first option based on recommendations. Many come to the realization that adjuvant therapies can help to lessen the side effects and assist in modulating the immune system. These supportive and natural therapies can usually be administered in between chemo cycles without interfering with their treatment. To better accommodate these patients and also shorten patients time away from their families, we now offer an additional shortened 2-week program. This program centers around the immune modulation with dendritic cell therapy. A new satellite office in New York allows us to perform follow up applications of this customized cancer vaccine once US patients have returned back home. We are very excited about this new arrangement and sincerely hope to give more patients access to these powerful treatments.


Onkologikum Joins Forces with Infusio

We are happy to announce an exciting new partnership with 3 leading cancer doctors that have moved their offices into our Infusio faciltiy in Frankfurt. Onkologikum consists of Prof. Hoelzer, Prof. Schulte and Dr. Boehme. Each of them can look back on decades of experience in the field of oncology, endocrinology and hematology. With their added expertise we will be able to provide our patients a wider spectrum of therapy and diagnostic options. Onkologikum is also affiliated with the university clinic in Frankfurt Germany and the team works and lectures with experts all over the world to stay abreast in the latest developments in cancer therapy and immunology. Our medical team at Infusio Frankfurt is excited to work closely with Onkologikum at the common goal to provide true integrative cancer care.

Living with cancer is a disruptive, life-altering experience and we know that each person will follow a treatment protocol unique to them. That is why we believe our new, 2-week option may be ideal for some patients. Our partnership with Onkologikum in Germany expands our level of knowledge, insight and innovation which increases the level of care for our patients.

With all these changes in mind we would like to say that dealing with chronic degenerative disease goes beyond eradicating a pathogen or a tumor. It requires an empathetic and empowering approach and in addition a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on strengthening the body on a foundational level. It is our sincere wish that these exciting changes will help more patients, give you and your family hope and the best healing chances possible.


Your Infusio Team


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