The Challenges of Treating Lyme Disease: Philip Battiade Featured on the James Delingpole Podcast

Listen to the full episode below:


Have you heard about Infusio’s integrative approach to Lyme disease treatment and wondered what it’s all about?


Lyme disease is sometimes referred to as the “hidden epidemic,” but as more people are facing this tick-borne illness and sharing their experiences, there’s an increasing demand for more information on how to live with it and how to treat it.


Western medicine. Integrative approach. Homeopathic. Alternative treatments. Terms like these can be confusing and make you wonder how much is backed by science or worth looking into.


Luckily, a recent interview on The Delingpod with James Delingpole podcast with Infusio’s founder, Philip Battiade, shines a light on Lyme disease, including treatments, symptoms, and co-infections that can topple your life, plus innovative treatment plans that incorporate a multi-system approach, which might be exactly what the body needs to heal itself.


In this podcast episode, James Delingpole – a British journalist, author, and broadcaster who has written for multiple publications, including The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator – reveals his ongoing battle with the devastating tick-borne condition that he describes as having “disrupted my health and my life in myriad weird, torturous and sometimes hideous ways,” while he and Battiade dive into the how Lyme can drastically change your life and the science behind the latest treatments, such as the impact of exosomes.


In this podcast episode of “Delingpod with James Delingpole” you’ll hear about:

  • Delingpole’s experience with Lyme disease and some of the horrible side effects of the tick borne illness and its coinfections.
  • New major issues arising with Lyme disease patients and treatments.
  • What foundational medicine is, how it’s regulated, and what to expect with it, along with western approaches – plus how some countries, such as Germany, and other medicine is working to treat Lyme disease.
  • What Infusio is doing to combat the chronic illness, how it’s creating individualistic treatment and what to expect.
  • The integrative approach to the treatment of chronic illness that Infusio uses to “teach the body to heal itself” and to “get rid of the smoke so [they] can see the individual fires.”

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